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7713 State Road 64 East
Zolfo Springs, FL 33890



Steele Equine Veterinary - Dentistry

With the commitment to wellness and prevention, Steele Equine provides professional equine dental services that are targeted to increase your horse’s health and longevity.

Steele Equine Dental Services provides advanced equine dental care including routine equilibrations (floating) to complicated extractions of teeth with digital radiography.  We incorporate sedation and regional nerve blocks to ensure the utmost comfort for your horse during these procedures. At Steele Equine, our veterinarians work closely with our certified equine dentist, TJ Steele, to provide the highest standard of care for your horse's mouth.

Yearly dental exams and balancing of the mouth by a qualified equine dentist and Veterinary team is not only important for eating and breaking down food (to prevent losing weight or colic) but also for normal flexing of the head and neck which indirectly affects a horse's ability to perform with a rider.


Dentistry is “out of sight out of mind” and often by the time an owner notices a problem, there are usually major abnormalities inside the mouth. Hence, the importance of incorporating dentistry yearly into a horse’s maintenance and health program starting at 2 years of age.